Interpretation by Contrapositionn The Dream Interpretation

Contrapositionn The Dream Interpretation

Contrapositionn The Dream Interpretation Some dreams are interpreted to mean the opposite when the elements are
related. This tradition comes from examples such as crying when one is extremely
happy; or when laughing in the face of adversities; or seeing the sun and
the moon fighting and interpreting it as a fight between two people; or calling
a flood an enemy and an enemy a flood, because both are destructive; or when
eating a fig in a dream to mean regret and regret to mean eating a fig, because
the fig tree is accursed in some traditions; or when one sees himself dead in a
dream, though even if he does not have the look of dead people to mean losses
or destruction of part of one’s house; or interpreting locusts as warriors and
warriors as locusts, because ofthe destruction they both cause to a land; etcetera. Dream Interpretation

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