The Proper Name

The Proper Name

The Proper Name The name of a person or a city one sees in a dream also reflects some of the
meanings of one’s dream, (e.g., Bait-ul Maqdis [Jerusalem], Dar-u Salam [The
abode of Peace], Maghrib [Sunset], or among Western cities we find: Salt City,
Bellview, New York, New Brunswick, Philadelphia, Bridgewater, Summerside,
etcetera.) The industry of a city also has a share in the dream interpretation.
To understand the possible role ofa person, a known place or a city in a dream,
one should also analyze the meaning of that person’s name, or that city’s name.
Suppose that one sees a man called Robert or Roger in a dream, he then should
think of the meaning in relation to bright, praised, boast, or fame. If his name
is Charles or Carl, for example, then one should think of somethingwhich is fully
grown. Ifhis name is Abel or Cane then he should think of the children of Adam
and their trials. Ifhis name is Gable, one should think of the bead-or the upper
part of a building. If his name is Mustafa, one should think of the expression
chosen or elect. If his name is Baker, one should relate that name to a compassionate
leader; an honest livelihood, ajust ruler, love, a son, bread, or even the
neighborhood bakery. Ifhis name is Harvey, one should think of the subject of
fighting, conquering, or a battle taking place somewhere. If one sees a woman
by the name of Elizabeth in a dream, he should think of an oath he made to God
Almighty, for the name Elizabeth means, “God is my oath.” If he sees a girl by
the name of Wanda, he should think of base, wind, a rod, authority, a tree,
etcetera. If one sees himself in Jerusalem, he should think of the holy city, the
furthest Sacred Mosque Al-Aqsa, prayers, receiving a great wealth from an
inheritance, a pilgrimage to Mecca, or business profits. Other proper names of
persons and cities may be found in this dictionary.
• God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace, once said: “Last night, I saw in a dream
that we were visiting the house of’Uqbah bin Rafi’; then Ratib Ibn Tab came and
joined us. I interpret it to mean that we will rise in honor in this world and in
the hereafter and that our religion will be firmly established.” Thus, he took from
the name Rafi’ the meaning of honor and exaltation and from the name of Ratib
Ibn Tab the meaning of a blessed religion.
• Sharik bin Abi Shamr came to Sa’Id bin AI-Musayyib and said: “I sawall my
teeth falling out in a dream.” Sa’id bin AI-Musayyib replied: “What a calamity!
If your dream is true, it means that all your relatives will die before you.” Thus,
Sa’Id interpreted teeth from the root of the word canines (e.g., the family of, or
relatives, clans, followers, or age. arb. Asnan).
• Bishr bin Abi AI-‘Aliya said: “I asked Muhammad about someone who saw
hisjaws fall out in a dream.” He replied: ‘This is someone who has cut off his ties
with his family.” Here again, Muhammad went to the origin, and in this case, it
is one’s teeth. In Islam, breaking relations with one’s family is considered a major
sin. Jubair Ibn Mui’in reported that God’s prophet (uwbp) has said: “One who
breaks his family ties will not enter paradise.” (Bukharf & Muslim) Abu Huraira,
God be pleased with him, reported that God’s Messenger, upon whom be peace,
has said: “Whoever wishes his fortune to increase and his life to be extended,
should preserve his family ties.” (Bukhtirf) Dream Interpretation

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